About Us

Coates& is owned by Melissa Franks and started in the autumn of 2017. During an internship with Pittards, she designed the first Coates& backpack which was created in two colourways, one for herself and one for her mother. After posting it on Facebook, a friend asked her to make a bespoke bag, this then blossomed into friends and family asking for bespoke bags which helped pay her way through her final year of university.


Coates& is named after Melissa’s Nan. Her maiden name is Coates and she is fashionable, arty and an inspiration herself. Melissa thought ‘Coates and’ was a great play on words. As Melissa studied footwear & accessories design at university, the plan is to branch out into different subsections to the brand; Coates and shoes, Coates and bags, etc.


Coates& will get back into footwear in the future and sell bespoke shoes made by hand for the world to find their dream pair and have them created just for them. And one day, there will be a Coates& boutique with a shelf dedicated to the original Coates& backpacks in a variety of colours for customers to choose from. 


For now, Coates& is all about the accessories, and making something special for someone. An item that has been put together with love and passion, tailored to the customer’s style and personalised to be one of a kind. You can choose to personalise every item on the website for a small cost.


All Coates& bag packaging is sustainable, helping the world towards a more eco-friendly future. Each box can be recycled and each dust bag is created with organic cotton. If you would like to know more about this, feel free to ask.